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Rejuvenating Eye Balm 30ml

Rejuvenating Eye Balm 30ml

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ishga Rejuvenating Organic Eye Balm is a soothing, restorative natural eye balm, rich in nourishing ingredients, and true to ishga’s mission to create innovative, organic skincare products and the best in cruelty free beauty.

A good eye balm is a must, and ishga’s clever scientists have used our powerful seaweed extract to nourish delicate skin. This light, vegan eye cream has a shea butter base, used for centuries to nourish and hydrate, and is bursting with Vitamins A and E to help turn around premature wrinkles and facial lines.

It contains Vitamin F, rich in essential fatty acids to balance moisture in the thinner skin of the eye area, and effectively plump, firm and tone. Ingredients also include Cinnamic Acid, a natural sunscreen to protect fine skin, halting sun damage and new wrinkles.

ishga Rejuvenating Organic Eye Balm is true to the principles of vegan skincare and all our ingredients are Organic certified by the Soil Association. Sustainable, cruelty-free skincare that is planet friendly.

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